Pretty Little Liars : Season 4

So I’m quite curious about this season,and I really think it’s gonna be messed up.
In the books,Alison has a twin sister and she actually dies,not Ally. But in my theory,I think that Ally really died,but her twin sister is just…messing everyone’s minds.If you watched season 1 & 2 & 3,you can see the difference. in season 3,everything got intense. A lot of people died/were killed,a lot of them went missing and you can’t really trust anyone(it was a huge suprise to me that Toby is ‘A’). I kinda expected Mona to be A,because she has always been an outsider. But Toby….he broke my heart. And then Spencer got all nuts and went to Radley…freaky.

and yeah I’m really pissed because all of the shows ended,and new seasons will come in october,but thank you Lord,PLL is coming back in June!


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