Summer where are you

Since school started I’ve had the same question……WHERE ARE YOU SUMMER!?
I’m really tired of studying all the time.And I’m still trying to find a time in my life,where I will be able to use xy(23-92)/2x+y in my life.I hate maths,I hate chemistry,I hate biology and I really hate physics.
Luckily,we had spring break,so for 9 days I DIDN’T HAD TO DO ANYTHING. But here’s the problem : we have a test tomorrow and I really don’t like the idea of it.

In my country the weather and mother nature got a little bit,khm,let’s say,drunk.It was snowing in the end of March,2 weeks later we were wearing shorts because it was 27°C outside! I hope this summer won’t be hard on us…..I really miss summer.
And… less than 2 weeks I will be seeing One Direction(my mum got us tickets to the concert in Munich – Germany!) and I’m reaaaally exticited!
So there’s been a lot of gossips outside that Bieber and Selena are back together,

Vroče! Taylor Swift: Skupaj je hotela spraviti Seleno Gomez in Nialla iz 1D?!

and then there’s Taylor Swift who did this.And honestly,it is funny.


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