Animated movies(for kids) : then and now


Tangled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think we’ve all watched at least one animated movie.In my case,when I was younger,there wasn’t a Barbie movie wich I wouldn’t watch. But then you think about it…the graphics,the sound,the plot of the movies….
Everything has changed. I remember watching movies like Mulan,Mermaid Ariel,Cinderella,Snow White…..and now I’m litereally obssesed with Tangled(version of Grimm’s Rapunzel).

I have the part of the super-awesome big sister. So I downloaded(I know,shame on me) few animated movies for my younger brother(age 3) and sister(age 4.5). Yesterday we watched Despicable Me,and my brother got bored after 10 minutes,while my sis kept watching.Today I decided to watch the movie Brave,wich was awesome,but not enough princess/royal/romantic for my sister and me. Few weeks ago we watched the first version of Cinderella,and non of the kids made it to the end.They fell asleep.

So my conclusion is : kids are weird.


Tangled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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