Dieting all the way

Diets….diets everywhere. A research has shown that about 75% of teenage girls are on a diet,and about 65% of adult women are on diet too. But why? ‘Cause everyone wants to have Victoria’s Secret body….
But a lot of them are doing the whole diet thing wrong. I admit I was one of them last year – I was starving,probably because I want to to lose more weight than I should,I got kinda skinny…and then….DECEMBER HAPPENED! I ate everything  I saw and I continue to do so …. yeah I think I should go on a diet,you know,before summer really starts.

So yeah,I’m going to go for a run everyday(20-30min.) and eating healthy(fresh food,vegetables,fruits,yogurts),and no candies.Yea  I don’t think so,I’ll need some sugar in my body.

Since the school ends in less than one month I’m really exticited!! But I still have to study for 5 exams…but I think I’ll manage it:)

And for the end,my lovelise,one super-sexy-cute-awesome picture of Mariano Di Vaio…



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