watermelons,strawberries and blueberries

Yup.I’m hungry.

That’s another reason I can’t wait for summer – FRUITS,FRUITS,FRUITS!!! I don’t like candies that much,tho I you can’t say no to chocolate….well,anyways,in 1 month I will be DONE with school until 1st September!! I’ll go to Spain(we’re going with school – 3 of my classmates/good friends are going with me) on 19th of June,and then I’m going to Croatia aswell in July.
And God,how much I miss the sun!And nice weather!Not that hot one,when you turn into a spicy fried chicken,nor the cold one,when you can be replaced by ice-cream.
And how much do I miss the sea!That smell of salt,that voice of the birds,the sun that tickles you in the morning…oh yes,heavenly indeed!

But before that I have 3 exams. English(in 2 days),Chemistry(in 1 week) and Biology(in 9 days).
So yeah.I’m really feeling the spirit of studying or doing anything related with school.Yay.




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