Reasons to get the iPhone 4S

There's iPhone. And then there's everything else.


If you didn’t know,I’m in love with everything that is connected with apple company!I have an iPod,and I listen to it 24/7.At the moment,I have a BlackBerry phone – about 6 years old,from my friend.My old phone died so I guess I need a new one…I’m a huge fan of new invetions – mixing music,making animations,fixing photos…I’m really creative,and iTunes has a lot of applications,and a lot of them aren’t just fun,but also very useful.So these are few perks of having an iPhone 4S…(which I would do anything to get!)



  • iPhone 4S is 2x faster than its predecessor,
  • its graphics processor got an upgrade as well,
  • the new GPU is 7x faster than the chip found in the iPhone 4. (these improvements will be most noticeable in resource-intensive apps, and especially in games),


  • capable of taking 3264 x 2448 photos (that’s 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4′s camera),
  • Other new features include an improved illumination sensor (which will improve lowlight pictures, and an infrared filter to produce more accurate colors)

3.Video Camera

  • iPhone 4S is capable of shooting video in full HD, which is 1080 lines,
  • he video camera also includes pro features like temporal noise reduction (which helps you record video in lowlight situations)

4.Siri (<–I love this thingy!!)

  • iPhone 4S will come pre-installed with Siri, your very own digital personal assistant,
  • Siri can answer trivial questions, pull up restaurants and movie theaters, and even scribe emails and text messages for you.

5.Battery Life

  • you can talk up to 8 hours on 3G (14 hours on 2G),
  • you can browse the internet for up to 6 hours (9 hours on Wi-Fi),
  • you can watch up to 10 hours of video,
  • if you’re not a heavy user, the iPhone 4S has a standby time of up to 200 hours :)


  •  the device continues to be one of the slimmest (if not the slimmest) handsets on the market — even with all of its hardware improvements,
  • the original iPhone 4 was heralded as “beautiful” and “striking,” and the iPhone 4S continues that trend,
  • Though its 3.5″ screen might feel small in the company of other 4″+ devices, it helps keep the new iPhone portable enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.


  • iPhone 4S will be able to run all of the App Store’s 500,000+ titles, as well as any new ones that come out that require Apple’s A5 processor,
  • they kill your boredom,
  • you can learn and entertain yourself

8.Video calling

  • With the addition of a front camera, video calling is now possible!
  • You can now use IM video conferencing, do some video calls as allowed by your own carrier, or just use Apple’s video chat application, the iChat.


9.Simple Navigation

  • has an incredible navigation system, making it easy for you to find your calendar, photos, contact list, and anything else you use on a regular basis


10. iOS 4

  • will come standard on the iPhone 4, allowing you to multitask, organize apps into folders, get all your email in one inbox, and read books with iBooks among (many) other things to save you time and patience.


11.LED flash and photo shooting options

  • the presence of an LED flash (which doubles as an LED video light), tap to focus and 5x zoom,

12.Front cam applications

  • Some applications are now being developed to make good use of this new feature. (just imagine, a game where you can play with a character which has your exact likeness. Or a real time makeover app?)


My good friend has Iphone 4S,and when I’m near,she doesn’t even see it! I take care of that little thingy like it is a baby – silly,I know!

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