I’m guessing I’m not the only lazy-ass on the internet. I used to train handball,but then I got bored and I quit.Then I trained karate,got bored,quit.Currently I’m going to the gym,and honestly,I’m loving it! I go to zumba or other classes(pilates etc) or I just go to the treadmill and run.It costs 38€ per month(I get discount because I’m a student),and that’s not cheap.

If you don’t have a lot of money,you can always try running in the nature,a lot of people love it(I don’t). And you can do exercises at home,too.

this is the best site on the internet with exercises,I promise! The woman behind the site is Cassie,who makes workouts fun!You sweat,you move,you do something for your body,and you’re having fun!
And right now,she’s making you diet with her!It’s called ‘DietBet’,and you should seriouslly check it out! ( CLICK HERE )

my favourite workout :)

If you need inspiration,you should check THIS site. It has a lot of inspirational quotes and other things,after reading them,you might get all warmed up!

Want Victoria’s Secret body?Here’s your first step!

P.S – if aren’t inspired by quotes,get inspired by this!



(nobody is perfect,neither are the thinnest models in the world,without photoshop and unhealthy starving,they are normal humans!)





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