Popular women swimsuits 2013

I did a small research,wich swimsuits are currently popular….


I always buy my clothes in H&M and Tally Weilj,sometimes even Bershka.I’ve never bought clothes on online shops(Victoria’s secret,Asos,Top Shop,Forever 21…), simply because they are not worth the price – I mean, 80$ for a dress? Sure,some stuff are nice,but then you think,you can get a lot better stuff in normal shops,way cheaper.
I think we’ve all had our fantasies about being rich ; my first purchase would ofcourse be iPhone 4S. But now we’re talking about clothes.

SwimWear360 has the prettiest swimsuits – but the prices are waaaaaaaay to high!

Let’s have a look,shall we?
Click here to view larger image  Click here to view larger image
(http://www.swimwear360.com/bf11160056)                             (http://www.swimwear360.com/phuket)

Nice,has some cool details,they are both unique.
Price? (first one) £108.28 & (second one) £99.50

———————— *****————————*****——————————–

And now have a peek in TinyDeal.com

(ISLANDHAZE)Floral Spandex Casual Sexy Bikini for Women Girl Ladies  NRW-180645       Striped Polyester Fiber Spandex Casual Sexy Bikini for Women Girl Ladies  NRW-174761

(from here)                                                                                                        (from here)

Very lovely & cute,and again,unique.
Price?(first one) 10.56€ & (second one) 11.40€


All of them are very cute,and they aren’t basic,each of them is pretty special. But if I would be buying,I would buy from TinyDeal,because they are cheaper,and still look awesome.But I’m not saying that expensive stuff are ugly – most of the time I keep to fantasize  how would it be like if I were a billionaire.Freaking awesome, I say.




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