Need a laugh?

Are you bored as I am?

….you should follow him!

————-some fun stuff—————–

  • i hate it when i say i hate everyone and then someone’s like “oh except me lol”

                ha ha no especially you


  • Can we skip school and college and go to the part where I become a princess



  • i need a job where i work one hour a week and i get paid a thousand dollars a minute



  • on a scale of zero to zero how many plans do you think i have tonight



  • the only thing i’ve learned in school is that i hate a lot of fucking people



  • Don’t cry because it’s over. Cry because you’re ugly.



  • I don’t trust people who smile before 9 am



  • it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly






  • Do you ever just rub your eyes so hard that you just start entering some other fucking galaxy of swirls and patterns



  • My only two moods in school are tired and no



  • If Britney Spears can get through 2007, you can get through today.



  • Who cares if school doesn’t teach us how to raise a family or get a job, like at least I can find the area of a triangle



  • How to end your essay: “Ya feel me?”



  • I automatically classify anything over $5 as expensive



  • When nothing goes right go to sleep



  • Mi papá tiene 47 años = my dad is 47 years old

Mi papa tiene 47 anos = my potato has 47 assholes

              i love spanish


  • i have so much homework

what movie should i watch



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