Cory Monteith, rest in peace

I still remember the first time I saw Glee. I loved it and I’ve became obssesed with it, and I have no regrets. I loved the cast. They were all great actors and very funny. I loved it because they allowed you to be different.

Today should be a normal day for me. I woke up at about 8.30am and went to check my instagram. Nothing new. Then I told my mom I seriouslly need to see a doctor, because my throat is killing me, after that I had breakfast. Then I went to check daily gossips and news…my world stopped. I saw Nina Dobrev tweeted something about Cory’s death. At first, I thought it was a mean prank, they do that stuff all the time. I hoped it was.Then I went to check few other sites… I seriously couldn’t believe it. Cory?! For real?! He was only 31! And he was about to get married to a wonderful woman, Lea Michele! This just doesn’t feel right….

He was one of my favourite actors…may you rest in peace Cory :(



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